First Post

So here it is, my first post.  I’ve been meaning to do this for a while…write a blog.  I do a lot, think about a lot, experience a lot and think this would be an interesting outlet and a fun way to share.  As a single mom (and busy professional, and student…blah, blah, blah) I don’t always have other grown ups around to process and share so….here’s the blog!

The first thing I was wanting to use a blog for was to share experiences as a single mom.

Another thing I want to share is life as a teacher in a school where most of the kids are living in poverty and are at-risk.

Another thing I want to share about is life as a grad student while doing the previously mentioned two things.

Finally, I want to share about my goal and commitment to myself about my dedication to continual self improvement.  I want to improve myself through education, nutrition, fitness, friendships, religion, becoming a better teacher, daughter, and mother.

And be warned…there could be posts that are just about my love of coffee.

I’m excited to begin this journey….I am using a post on Facebook that I saw today to inspire some of my first blogs…that is, until I come up with something I want to blog about naturally.

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